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Rome - Splendors of Italy

Italy Vacation Packages: Venice, Tuscany & Rome (Amalfi Coast & Sorrento extension)

8 days (7 nights)
Explore Italy’s artistic treasures and famous monuments. Discover Renaissance gems and castles while visiting some of Italy’s most beautiful cities
Cefalu, Sicily, South of Italy - Splendors of Italy

Italy Vacation Packages: Treasures of Sicily & Reggio Calabria

8 days (7 nights)
This escorted tour of Sicily is a chance to truly discover the island and it’s hidden gems. Let us show you all the Splendors of Sicily with guided trips to […]

Italy Vacation Packages: Treasures of Northern Italy

10 days (9 nights)
This is the perfect vacation for travelers who want to learn more about the culture, food, and traditions of Northern Italy.
Splendors of Italy presents: Bellagio

Italy Vacation Packages: Tuscany, Cinque Terre & The Lake District

9 days (8 nights)
Breathtaking countryside, beautiful old cities, combined with regional cuisine. Florence, the birthplace of the Renaissance, has many treats for visitors.
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